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Contributed by Bleached Blonde Mind:

In a perfect world, my daily dinner would be bread, wine and cheese. What a well balanced meal, right? Ok, throw in a few pieces of oh, lettuce, to make it food pyramid-worthy. 

So, for some reason, my friends’ think that I may obsessed with these perfect foods.  A lot. I mean just because I have a bumper sticker that says “life is gouda”, or an apron that says “life is bleu-tiful” doesn’t mean I would go through withdrawals if I couldn’t eat it – as far as I know.  Even though my beach towel shows a picture of three bottles of wine and says “group therapy” doesn’t mean I actually need the therapy does it?

When asked if man could live on bread alone, I would venture to say “heck yes!”  But only if it’s served with olive oil, fresh Parmesan cheese, and – oh yes, vino.
Bread is the food of the gods.  Especially San Francisco sour dough.  And rosemary Focaccia with sea salt. Let’s not forget warm salted rye and French bread with roasted garlic.

See what I mean?  How could one not love a life of bread?  Along with a little Gorgonzola.  And Zinfandel.   And maybe a few apples and red grapes.  This way of eating gets a little difficult when one is trying to cut down on carbs, fat, dairy and sugar.  At times it’s a decision: eat healthy or eat what I want.  I do know that balance it the key – it’s just that sometimes I ignore that logical tidbit of information.

I have a flag that I bought on a recent trip that my husband refuses to hang outside our home.  It says “Wine a bit – you’ll feel better.”  Well, yeah!  It works!  He doesn’t think it’s funny. Or maybe it’s the wine tote I have that says “Will trade husband for wine.”  No sense of humor. 

A loaf of bread, a chunk of cheese, a bottle of wine and thou.  Isn’t that how the famous saying goes?  Life is too short to not enjoy your favorite things.  Julie Andrews has her “raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.”  My song goes more like this: “Swiss cheese on rye bread and brie that is gooey, bright chardonnay wine and French bread that’s chewy…”  Well you get the picture.  So I fully to intend to embrace my love for all things Mediterranean.  After all, “Life IS a Cabernet, old chums”.  

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