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By: Joe Marinich
        I want to start this article out by saying, fortunately my children are younger.  Now, let me ask you, “What is the best way to talk to our children about love and sex?” (Holy cow, I just said sex.)  Chances are this is a dreaded neglected subject, and I can understand why this is the case.  Well, I want to inform you of an opportunity for parents to be educated on this subject, while their teens are being educated on ideas like abstinence, love, sex, and God.
        Now, there is much debate on the subject of abstinence and whether or not this is an effective method.  There also seems to be a break down in communication between parents and teens about sex, abstinence, and love.  This is a messy issue that reeks of  embarrassment, confusion, and dishonesty.  The one constant we can hang on to is that teens will either be educated about sex from their parents or they will be educated in ways that make parents skin crawl.
So, what do we do with the last ominous paragraph?  Well, Springboro Baptist Church will be hosting an event called real2011, and it is a True Love Waits experience for both students and parents.  The event will be held on May 20th from 7pm-9pm, and May 21st from 9am-3pm, the cost is $15 per person with a maximum of $50 per family.  Lunch will be provided, and financial assistance is provided to those in need.
This event will be led by Dr. Richard Ross who founded True love Waits, and also by Doug Compton.  You arrive as a family and then parents and teens will be separated and each group will get to interact and learn based upon each specific demographic.  The awesome thing about this event is that you do not have to go as a family, so I could go and learn about how to talk to my future teens about sex.  
This is also a program that is based upon Biblical principles with a bottom line of truth, and when it comes to the subject of sex I want my teen to be taught the truth.  As a realist I understand this would create an extremely awkward car ride home, but I think our teens are worth a few awkward moments in a car.  I mean I love teenagers so much I just typed an article that contained the word sex 7 times...wait I mean 8 times.
For more information call Chris at 513-502-0384, or email him at, but whatever you do please don’t make me type the word sex again...”Ahhhh, that was #9!”

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