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So you took a picture or video of a local fire, traffic accident, traffic jam, sporting events, school functions, or city happenings.  You then turn around and upload toFacebookTwitter, or whateverSocial Network or PictureSharing site.  Guess what, you just happened to be a part of the newest trends sweeping the nation.  Citizen Journalism.

What you might have lacked was an attachment to draw in the audience, as well, as a location where everyone local would be able to see it.  Sure you have a few Facebook friends, but it did not even crack the core of everyone in your community that your event may have affected.  Citizen Journalism requires a location, a platform per say, where the photo or video and article can be posted for all the community to notice!  Like The Voice of Miami Valley sites for Carlisle, Springboro, and Franklin.

Jay Rosen defined citizen journalists as “those people formerly known as the audience who wereon the receiving end of a media system that ran one way, in a broadcasting pattern, with high entry fees and a few firms competing to speak very loudly while the rest of the population listened in isolation from one another— and who today are not in a situation like that at all. … The people formerly known as the audience are simply the public made more real, less fictional, more capable and less predictable.”

Unlike traditional media, newspapers, tv, etc, where all reporters are paid to seek out stories of interest, The Voice of Miami Valley sites are made up of a combination of both reporters and any and all residents who wish to take up a camera, smart phone, or video camera.  Any resident who wants to grab a local interest to you and your community!

 If you have a story or opinion and want it to be heard, The Voice of Miami Valley has a way to take your story, picture, or video and share it with our community of readers.  Readers that are residents like you with the same interests, passions, and need for information!  It is our pleasure to share your findings and mind with our fellow residents of Carlisle, Springboro, or Franklin.  I hope you enjoy reading and interacting with our sites.  We look forward to years of citizen contributions that focus on all things local!!

If you would like to join in report your story by clicking on image below.

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