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Franklin, Ohio Historical SignImage by J. Stephen Conn via FlickrHere is a thread we found online about Issue 3.  Issue 3 will be voted on tomorrow by the residents of Franklin, Ohio.  How will you vote?

Take a look at what others are saying...

Issue 3 on May 3 must pass so we can keep traditions alive in our community like the 4th of July parade, FallFest and the Great 4th Street Pumpkin Roll, support for Downtown Saturday Night Car Show and many other exciting community events. Please support us so we can continue to support our community. Thank you!

April 21 at 9:45pm via iPhone ·  · 

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    • Patrick Lyons I will be voting YES! I love Franklin - it's just good people!
      April 21 at 9:50pm · 

    • Amy Wilcher YES!!
      April 21 at 9:54pm · 

    • Sonja Harmon Hardin I really don't think supporting Parades, festivals and car shows is really something people are going to vote for. Let's give the important facts. Let's face it, times are hard for everyone and have to cut back everywhere. Lets state what it really effects.
      about an hour ago · 

    • Sonja Harmon Hardin I am voting for the issue but really need to state the more important issues. Lets keep Franklin alive even through hard times.
      about an hour ago · 

    • City of Franklin Ohio Special Events Group 
      Sonja, we appreciate your support for Issue 3. We have posted about the community events on this page because this page is for the Special Events. The citizens have an opportunity tomorrow to decide what level of service they want from th...See More

      57 minutes ago · 

    • City of Franklin Ohio Special Events Group Thank you for the support. You are correct- this issue is about repairing roads, restoring vacant police positions, restoring a firefighter position 24/7, 9 seasonal summer workers, replacing 450,000 in lost state funding just to name a few reasons to vote yes tomorrow.
      56 minutes ago · 

    • Sonja Harmon Hardin I totally agree and I support the City of Franklin. Thank you.
      55 minutes ago · 

    • Terasa Hisle Crocker I am voting yes tomorrow but really feel a lot of people are still unaware. I talked to several people today that didn't even know about the vote tomorrow or the issue or what it stands for. I will remind all of my contacts to vote tomorrow?
      47 minutes ago · 

    • Sonja Harmon Hardin Yeah me too. Thats what I have been working on.
      46 minutes ago · 

    • City of Franklin Ohio Special Events Group 
      PLEASE help us get the word out. We have worked VERY hard to inform our residents. Newsletters, FaceBook posts (here, Police & Fire pages) city website, PTO meetings, Public Forums, door to door meetings and flyers and we blanketed the city...See More

      2 minutes ago · 

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