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I hate to type in all these articles so I am going new age on you!  Today, I am publishing my first ever Webcam post.  It is introducing myself, the passion for the sites, navigation on the sites, and how you can help!  I know, I know it's long.  Cut me a break it is my first one.  I have been putting this off since last week because I was not sure if I wanted to go this direction.  So I had a lot on my mind.  Anyhow, I will continue to utilize technology and bring "Webcam Posts (or Rants) from the Owner" as often as possible.  And I promise I will keep them shorter. The next will be on the topic of "Citizen Journalism" and then "Sponsorships".  And who knows if I get to actually liking this maybe some of my opinions and rants about what is going on around town!  ENJOY, you are apart of history here!

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