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Smiley face written in the sky during the inau...IWe must continue to report to you the unbelievable amount of appreciation in accepting The Franklin Voice into your computers, smart phones, and anything else you use to view us!!  We want to keep our readers and future readers in the loop of the success we are seeing in just three short weeks of our relaunch.

First and foremost we have hit record number of visits to our sites each week!  We increase 10%-20% each week in visits.  We also have been tracking ourFacebook Business Page that we only created days ago and the results are outstanding.  Think of it this way, the more you come and read the more traffic we build.  The more traffic we build the more we can begin proving to LOCAL businesses to support us.  Then we can begin hiring quality reporters to bring even more unbelievable content to the sites!!

 Here are the results from Facebook..

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