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The Ohio Senate Bill 5 that Kasich signed back on March 31, 2011 has received much attention across the State.  We will have an article coming soon from a contributor of The Voice of Miami Valley.  In the meantime we will continue to provide articles, state press releases, and other information we can attach to this post.  It is quite disturbing some of the information that is being presented throughout the media concerning this Bill.  We want to begin a collection of comments attached to this article in your opinion.  This will be a great spot for discussing, venting, and elaborating on the policy.  The potential damage or support it may bring to Ohio.

In definition, Ohio Senate Bill 5 focuses on three provisions:  

  • Limiting state and local government payments for health insurance to 85 percent of total premium cost;
  • Eliminating Step pay increases once current contracts expire;
  • Eliminating longevity pay once current contracts expire
You can view the entire bill under Law, Acts, and Legislation below.  Public workers basically will see many limitations and eliminations to their insurance and pay.  The minute the Bill was signed Unions and Democrats started a campaign to repeal SB 5.  They hope to have it on the November 8th ballot.

Let us hear your thoughts by commenting below!!

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Senate Bill 5 - Laws, Acts, and Legislation

Ohio lawmakers unlikely to cut their own pay while Senate Bill 5 expected to hit public workers in the pocketbook



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