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Happy 400th KJV

            Whether you regularly attend church or not, chances are you have heard of the King James Version of the Bible.  In fact the KJV Bible translation started in, and still dwells in controversy.  Regardless of all of this it is still here and in fact turns 400 on May 2nd of 2011.

            Many centuries ago it was debated as to whether or not it was proper to allow the common man the capacity to read and understand Gods words.  Yet, on May 2nd 1611 the Church of England published a Bible written in the common tongue.  Fortunately for us it was been revised over 100,000 times to give us what we read today.

            We now have many different versions and translations of the Bible, and in a way we owe them all to the work of the KJV writers.  To celebrate this special anniversary KJV has partnered with YouVersion to attempt a global reading of the entire KJV in only 400 seconds.  That’s right 400 seconds, to find out how they intend to accomplish the reading, or if you would like more information go to

            As a pastor I prefer to read several different versions of the Bible in my studies, and although I am not a KJV only guy, I am thankful for what they accomplished.  Thanks to them I can now read any Bible version I want on my computer, smartphone, or ereader, or for all the old schoolers I can actually read the real thing, you know with pages and stuff.

Joe Marinich

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