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Thanks for reading one of the three sites for The Voice of Miami Valley!!  We want to invite you to take full advantage of the site.  We want to provide some simple steps to our site that will be helpful in your everyday viewing.  Our individual local sites have been made simplistic in form.  Once your city's home site opens you will see the logo at the top of the page.  Just under the logo is a simple navigation bar that has many different topics.  Each  post will appear on the home page to start but you can use these handy navigation buttons to go to a specific topic and view articles specifically tabbed for that topic.  For instance, if you want to view all the School News for your city, click on Schools and it will load all articles that have been written with the schools as the main topic.

Another important feature is seen at the top right of the page and along the middle of the right column.  These are FOLLOW buttons.  These buttons will allow you to subscribe to our feeds, follow us on twitter, and of course, join us on Facebook.  We use these FOLLOW buttons for the distribution of our articles.  Subscribe, Follow, or Join us today on these awesome tools for quick and easy access to when our articles hit the web.

Moving down the page you will notice in the center column a few things.  One you will see a weekly poll.  Take advantage of a passionate resident of your city to select an anonymous poll question answer to let your voice be heard.  We will run polls for political, levy, city, funny, and any other questions we feel you, the resident would want to respond too.  Under the poll, you will see the weekly video.  These could be a local video sent it by a reader, humorous video you just have to see, or a uplifting video.  Continue down the center column you will see a Label tab.  Here again, you will be able to easily access most read sections of our site.  Click on one of the labels and access any article related to that Label.  Then the most important, you will see a Blog Archive or Latest News tab.  Here you will be able to see all of our articles itemized by date they appeared on site.

Follow your mouse cursor to the right of the page.  This is the most important part of the page.  You will see icons for all of our partners or business who have contributed, donated, sponsored, or advertised with The Voice of Miami Valley sites.  This is HUGE!!  We can only continue to run with their support.  So please click on the logos and/or pictures to visit our sponsors websites!  They have valuable services and information and most importantly they are local!  If you can not click on the link, call them with the number they place on ad.  If you don't need their service, call them anyways and let them know you saw them on The Voice websites!!

Finally, at the bottom of the page.  You will see RSS Feeds of other articles from other media sources such as Dayton Daily News, Middletown Journal, Springboro Sun, and Google alerts for your specific city.

We have tried and continue to try to build a place that is a one stop shop for you to view all LOCAL news and information for your city.  Our vision and goal is to become the leading source of news and entertainment across this stretch of the Miami Valley and Warren County.  And to you we thank, our readers, for helping us get started and continue towards our goals!!


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