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I was looking through our Facebook looking to see how many people have joined our Business Page.  I was requested to add a Facebook Friend called DanSpeaksLouderThanWords.  I thought to myself this must be a kid with a message.  In fact, that it is exactly what it is.  See the story and video below.  Every parent, school administrator, teacher, and coach should read this and watch this.  

Ben was a teenage boy who chose to take his own life. He suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and throughout his life learned many tools to mask it.

He was a boy who wanted to fit in and be loved and accepted by others, to "be normal". He was sensitive, intuitive, empathic, creative and a kinesthetic, visual learner. He had many gifts including a deep compassion for others.

He and his family experienced Ben's illness alone, only those closest to him saw, felt and connected to the devastation and challenges that this family suffered through. Very few resources and tools were accessible to Ben and his family to help and cope with the challenges they all faced as a result of Ben's illness.

Now in spirit, Ben has come through his mother to bring new hope for those he has left behind. It is his mission to speak through her and channel messages of love, support and new innovative solutions by thinking outside the box to provide help and support for the myriad of issues affecting our youth today.

Ben speaks is a resource site for teens and young adults to find the tools and information, safe social space to express feelings, discuss issues and find genuinely helpful support.

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