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Easter Sunday night was an eventful evening for one local resident.  Around 11:30pm around 700 block of South Main Street downtown.  A resident stopped a burglary in progress.  Kelly Thomas was trying to break into an apartment and one resident decided to take action.  The resident, a neighbor, fired two rounds into the air to scare the suspect away.  The shots fired did just that.  Thomas took off from the scene.  Later, Franklin Police Department found, arrested, and charged Thomas with attempted burglary.  
The report stated that the resident who fired the shots has not been charged and a review by the city prosecutor is pending.  The neighbor's name was not initially released.
Our question to Franklin?  Do you think the resident will be charged?  If so, should he be?  He was able to stop a crime but was also potentially putting other people at harm.  Franklin we want to hear from you!

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