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Original studio cast LP version of You're a Go... Written by Franklin High School Student, Hailey Karrick

So, I was walking into school last Friday morning and the anticipation was twisting my stomach into knots. So many question were running through my mind. Did I make it? Did I do all this work for nothing? Was I good enough?
There I was in front of room 117, with a huge group of people and one list. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity it was time for me to look at the list that held my fate. And I couldn’t believe… Wait let me back up and start from the beginning.
It all started 1 week prior to this fateful day. I was in a drama club meeting and Mrs. Combs was talking about the fall play. After the meeting I went to sign up for my audition time and to get my audition packet. My time was at 3:30 on Wednesday of the following week.
I needed a 30 second monologue and I needed to be able to speak in 4 different dialects. Now I was thinking, I can do the monologue, but how on Earth am I going to do an Appalachian, Italian, French, and British accent. Just the thought of having to do it perplexed me. So how was I going to do it?
I went home to work on my audition. Over the week-end I attempted the dialects, but I failed miserably. I went to school on Monday and Mrs. Combs asked if my audition was ready. I told her no and she said I better get working on it. I knew I should have done it over the weekend, I mean there were only 18 spots, but I got distracted. Mrs. Combs then reminded me about the audition workshop on Tuesday.
I went home that night and found my monologue. I was going to do it  from ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.’ I spent that whole night and the next day, while at school, working on memorizing my monologue. After school was the audition work-shop. I went and Jeff Sams and Mrs. Combs helped by teaching us relaxation and stretching techniques and stressing that we project confidence not cockiness.
Afterwards Mrs. Combs helped with the dialects. She really helped, but I still wasn’t very good at them. On Wednesday, I prepared for my audition. When it was finally my turn, my nerves were getting the best of me. I walked in and I started freaking out. On my walk onto the stage I remembered the audition workshop and the advice Jeff Sams gave. There was no reason to be nervous. I was going to walk in with confidence.  I worked really hard.
I got up there and delivered my monologue, and I felt great about it! I walked out feeling like I was on top of the world. Then the anxiety kicked in. I had to wait 36 grueling hours to find out if I got a part. So this is where the story began. Friday morning, just waiting to look at the list. I couldn’t believe it. I got a part. I was so excited. So if you want to see the fall play at Franklin High School mark your calendars for November 12th and 13th. The play, Chateau La Roach, begins at 7pm.

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