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Hello and welcome to Gaming News! I am PureCascade and boy do I have some good stuff to tell you today!

    Some unfortunate news to start off; Microsoft has pulled the plug on 1v.s.100. It is said that the team that worked on and created the Xbox version of the gameshow has been re focused on a new project that will use the tech used on 1v.s.100. Oddly enough, the game ran through only two 12 episode seasons, exactly the same as the T.V. version that was hosted by Bob Saget. And here I was getting all excited for the third season. Sad face.

    Good news to those who are fans of the Mass Effect story; A new book focusing on the origins of the Illusive Man has been announced. Written by the same guys who did Mass Effect: Redemption, Mac Walters, John Jackson Miller, and Omar Francia, Mass Effect: Evolution will be a four part mini-series based on who the Illusive Man is, and what made him like that. The release date is slated for an unspecific January 2011.

    In Kinect News, Macy’s has started demoing Kinect. From what little I can gather (Unfortunately there is not a demo near enough for me to go and try it myself.) the reaction is mixed. It is plain to see the potential, it is fun, and it even responds to movement well, but there were many problems with the demo stations and the games themselves. Apparently, most of the employees seemed to not care at all, which doesn’t help sales believe you me. Also, the general consensus, from people who know what they were doing, was that it lagged a little, too much for some. And lastly, the voice recognition was turned off due to the fact that there was too much ambient noise for it to work correctly. So again, it was good and bad. People still just can’t seem to get a good enough feel of it to make up their minds. It looks like we aren’t going to get a solid look at Kinects abilities for a while more… again…

    One more thing to quickly pass on; Zelda: Skyward Sword’s release window has been shortened from 2011 to early 2011. I know it’s not much, but they don’t release a new Zelda title every year, and this is a promising game said to take FULL advantage of the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities. And from what I’ve seen thus far, it fulfills. So mark your calendars and get set for one of the best Zelda games yet.


    This week we’ll be taking a look at Crackdown 2. To make a long story short, disappointing.

    Now to expand on that, I will say the game is fun. There are lots of places to go and explore, cool cars to drive, and LOTS of stuff to find. And when I say lots, I mean hundreds. Close to a thousand. But while it is fun, those three points are pretty much the only plus to the game.

    The downsides far outweigh the ups for me. The game is almost literally no different from the first. The map is the same, the graphics are the same, the missions are pretty much the same, and so on. But it gets worse. The multiplayer, while not necessarily bad, isn’t necessarily good either. There are only three game types; deathmatch, team deathmatch, and rocket tag. Deathmatch is just that, up to 16 players, free-for-all or on teams of eight, run about on clunky maps and kill each other. Would be a great addition to the game if it wasn’t so unbalanced weapon wise. Rockets and grenades dominate. Rocket tag is fun, but again lacking.

    So to recap, Crackdown 2 is fun. The formula that worked for the first works for the second. Chase down orbs to power yourself up and unlock new toys. The problem comes when one realizes that there was pretty much no creativity here. No story, no new and exciting map to explore or missions to play, bad graphics, and rushed multiplayer.

    All in all I enjoyed Crackdown 2 but probably won’t play it anymore. I suggest that only those who really liked the first one get the second. For the rest of us, save your money for bigger and better games.

Like Halo: Reach

What? No… I’m not a rabid fan boy of Halo… your just hearing things…

    Feel free to send me any questions or thoughts to or leave any comments below! Until next week my friends!

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