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June 11, 2010

Quiznos logo
*Get a free t shirt from Black & Mild and print off a coupon

*Quiznos-get a small sub, chips & drink for 2.99

*25% off nearly everything at Borders

*Sample of ALL laundry detergent

*Sample of Nivea lotion

*Sample EOS shave cream

*Sample Playtex tampons

*Sample Crest 3D white strips

*Sample Prilosec OTC

*Cottonelle samples-mini roll & moist wipes

*Orville Redenbacher cheddar popcorn sample

*Another Prilosec OTC sample

*Dove hair care sample-2 to choose from

*Disney mini posters to print-3 to choose from

*Taster's Choice coffee samples

*Kraft Sandwich Shop mayo samples

*Starbucks VIA sample

*Pantene samples
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