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June 9, 2010

Arizona, Morgan Hill, and the United States of America

By: Mindy Spencer, Conservative Tea Partier

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On April 30, 2010 the state of Arizona passed a tough immigration law that is the most hard-hitting in the entire country. The law is set up to assure that those who break the law will be asked for their right to be in the USA and if they are illegal, will be sent back to Mexico, no questions asked.  Arizona HB 2162‎; is the bill that has made it possible for law enforcement to take action when it comes to getting illegal immigrants back to Mexico and prevents abuse of the system by not offering Social Security benefits, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Sectioned Housing, Welfare and Medicaid to those who don’t deserve the rights all Americans should have.  When you enter this country illegally, you take away the benefits Americans should have been awarded, it becomes more and more difficult for those who deserve having government benefits to obtain them, if they are already occupied. 

Five days after this bill was passed and put into law, the holiday Cinco De Mayo falls on the calendar.  In Morgan Hill California, a group of students decided to show their American pride by wearing American Flag T-shirts.  This apparently caused quite a stir with the faculty at Morgan Hill High and the students were asked to change, or turn their shirts inside out or be suspended.  There were a group of five boys, and several hundred other students that were involved, but the faculty took the group of five boys as the ring leader of this organized demonstration.  The faculty called the boys into the office and asked them to remove the clothes or be suspended and the boys decided to stand up for themselves and their love for this country and because of this have received backlash for the demonstration.  Just for your information; Cinco De Mayo is an American holiday that celebrates the Mexican victory over France for independence.  This holiday is not even highly celebrated in Mexico, its more publicized and considered a “party” similar to St. Patrick’s Day.  Question, would the same thing have happened if St. Patrick’s Day were the holiday in question?

Sadly, the Morgan Hill fiasco has caused such a stir, there is violence in the streets of Morgan Hill, friendships lost, and people emotionally scarred. For what?  For freedom of speech?

Does this tie at all to the racial profiling issue? Certainly, people who oppose the bill think that anyone will be just stopped while they are grocery shopping to be asked for their papers. Wrong, this bill was meant for people to be asked for their papers if they have committed a crime, there is no racial profiling here.  We just want a safe country, safe schools, and our rights. This writer is an advocate for air safety, the love of this country, the support and safety of our troops and above all, a love for God.  There is nothing wrong with my wearing a cross around my neck, and flag on my shirt and a yellow ribbon on my car, I love this country and I’m proud to say I’m an American. God bless the USA, and God bless those students at Morgan Hill High.

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