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May 18, 2010

Written by:  Dominic Gross

Welcome to The Franklin Voice!!  A new media news and information site for the residents of the City of Franklin!  There is some amazing things happening with The Franklin Voice we would like to share with you!  It has been AWESOME getting out and meeting the residents, administrators of the schools, and city officials!  We will be featured in a few newspapers in a few weeks and can't wait to take part in that.  The Voice has added many new writers and traffic to the site is BOOMING!  We are excited to get The Voice out to you!! 

What is the site?  Well, simply it is a Media site that we feel has been desperately missing in the Franklin area.  A site that is dedicated to nothing but LOCAL Franklin news and information!  Our goal is to get all content available on the site!  This will allow residents one place to come to be able to read, view, COMMENT, on ALL things Franklin, Ohio!

We encourage you, the readers, to come daily and check out the articles and information.  Feel free to comment on any and all the articles.  This is where your VOICE can be heard.  It is also a place to ask questions!  If you need info on sign ups, registration forms, hard news, whatever your needs are we are here to serve it up.  If you have an event, story, news, or information feel free to email us!  Your story will be uploaded to the site within the hour!  Now that is service!

Want to reach the community of Franklin through advertising on the site?  Contact us today!  With simple ad pricing of $25, $50, and $75 a month it is easy to REACH YOUR AUDIENCE!!  We have added 6 new advertisers in the last two weeks and look to add more sponsors and advertisers to keep the news coming to you!

Thank you for your readership and we look forward to serving the City of Franklin!!
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