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Healthcare Will Never Be Free

By Mindy Spencer, 

Conservative Tea Partier

Healthcare will never be free. There are 14.3 million Americans that are working currently in the healthcare industry, that’s doctors to housekeepers, all positions. ObamaCare was put on a platter and served to us with the word free attached. If free were the truth, then how do you supposed that the 14.3 million above workers will be able to survive, without income? Did you know that 14.3 million healthcare workers are more than the uninsured amount of Americans this bill was passed to insure? The statistics showed that 47 million Americans were without insurance, unfortunately, that sampling didn’t tell you that some of those people chose not to carry insurance and pay privately, that some of the sampling chose not to pay for insurance because they were young and healthy and wanted the money for other things. This took the number of uninsured people down to 12 million. That is 2.3 million less than the total amount of healthcare workers in the United States.

Healthcare has long been a hot topic, back in the 1970’s the healthcare bill was put in front of congress and failed a whopping 4 times before being passed by President Obama. In order to get this bill passed, President Obama led by intimidation, he approved the Corn Husker Kickback, the $380 billion to the state of Louisiana, and 15 of the states have filed suit against this deal, because it is unconstitutional.  We as Americans should not be forced to do anything.  If we don’t believe in God, we don’t go to church, if we want to drop out of school, so be it, if we want health insurance, we get on any computer and we buy a policy that fits our budget, or we chose a job that offers it.  That is a free enterprise market. When the market competes, we win.  Let the states sell insurance across state lines, apply Tort Reform, lower or cap Malpractice suits, and give us the opportunity to choose. Put this on the ballot in November, helps us “little people” know what your forcing upon us and then you as our government have to take whatever you dish out, so don’t exempt yourselves.  That is just in good taste and a golden rule, “do unto others as you would do unto you”.

ObamaCare was forced on us. That is why we are mad. We need time to learn what it means to us, how it can help us and why did President Obama's deals have to be behind closed doors when our President said in his campaign he would have an “open door policy”. Please remember, as a healthcare worker myself, if you are sick, nobody turns you away, it’s against the law.  You cannot be turned away for your inability to pay. All hospitals have some kind of policy to help folks who can’t pay for their services. But remember, Healthcare can never be free, and if our healthcare workers do not work, where does that leave us? Don’t be fooled, someone has to pay for this, and it’s going to be YOU the American Taxpayer.

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