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May 24, 2010

Hailey Karrick is truly one of a kind.  She earned her black belt at age 6, won a beauty pageant at 7, and now is a 12 year old freshman at Franklin High School.  Karrick is not afraid to try anything and most things she tries she succeeds. 

Michael and Dana Karrick graduates of Franklin High School have raised their five children to try and work at anything they show interest in.  Hailey is no exception, the oldest of the five she is involved in taekwondo, drama club, softball, soccer, marching band, and much more!  The one thing that truly sets her apart though from any other busy child is her studies.

Hailey entered Kindergarten like any other child.  She was excited and ready to start school.  But after a few weeks she kept coming home not wanting to return and upset.  After a few meetings with teachers and the school her parents found out that Hailey was just not cut out for Kindergarten.  She was far more advanced and grew bored with the standard Kindergarten regimen.  After five weeks they moved Hailey to 1st grade skipping Kindergarten all together.  She went through 1st grade excelling in all aspects of the curriculum.  Excelling so much that the school and her parents had another decision to make.  She was reading and working at a much higher grade level.  After much thought they decided to have Hailey skip 2nd grade and enter 3rd grade

Now a Freshman at Franklin High School at the age of 12 and realistically a 7th grader she is still excelling.  Hailey has a course list that includes four advance placement classes in English, World Studies, Geometry, and Integrated Science.  And with that heavy of a class load she still is carrying a 4.0 GPA. 

Hailey says she absolutely loves Franklin.  "Franklin is really accepting", she told us.  Unlike her former school where she was treated rather different for being so young amongst others in her grade.  She is taking in all she can at Franklin High School, as well.  She made the Junior Varsity Softball team this year.  She plays Saxophone in the Marching Band.  She is apart of the Drama Club where she had a part in the play and works the board during productions.  She is apart of the Envirothon Team that is going to State this June. 

With all that Hailey still finds time to enjoy skiing in the winter, playing in the worship band at her church, and of course babysitting at home for mom and dad when needed.  Being able to accomplish so much at a very young age we asked her if she could drive a semi-truck.  Hailey's response, "Yea I think so, but I don't have my license."  A license which she will not enjoy till halfway through her senior year!

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