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May 27, 2010

Written by:  Franklin High School Freshman Hailey Karrick

This past weekend local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron 282 went on their Spring Bivouac.  Thanks to the Caesar Creek Soaring Club about three dozen members were taken on glider flights, ground team training, and camping.  Franklin High School students, Cadets Josh Young and Hailey Karrick, learned how to track downed airplanes, to do line searches in a missing person situation, and how to launch and retrieve gliders.

They also participated in an awards ceremony honoring members for achievements received.  Including Brig. General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Award given to 2nd Lt. Dereck Pristas.  Weekly meetings are held at the Dayton V.A. on Mondays and at the Wright Brothers Airport on Fridays.  For more information please check out the squadron website at

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