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                 In the second week of racing, the season opener for Columbus was Saturday.   I had a great surprise from my friends at Dayton Christian School.  They decorated my Jeep with good luck written all over it!  It was really nice to know that all my friends support me!
                Sign-A-Rama in Dayton has been doing a great job getting all my decals done.  It is such a blessing to have them on my team.  This week was GreenPro Landscaping turn to be on the hood of my car.  We got a second hood so it’s not a lot of work to switch the graphics on the hood each week.  A special thanks to the guys at Autocar Autobody in Spring Valley for getting that done. Hopefully, we have to get two other hoods soon and I can focus on racing, the goals, and not worrying about funding.
                Kil-Kare decided that the weather was too cold to run the race Friday night so I got the rare opportunity to spend it with my friends playing miniature golf.  I was very disappointed but my friends did a great job of cheering me up! Gary said it was for the best but I wanted to race.
                I was anxious to race on Saturday.  I got a taste of racing last week at opening day at Kil-Kare and I was ready for opening day at Columbus. We decided to order new shocks for my car from North Carolina last week after waiting for ever for them.  At Columbus, the GreenPro Landscaping Koehlke Component Rebel 105.9 Whelen Late Model #4 qualified well and I ended up qualifying second just a few hundredths off the track record.  I felt confident I was going to win the dash race after a few adjustments to my car.  For those who don’t know, a dash is four lap race for the fastest four cars of the night.  After I completed the second lap, I heard a pop sound. I didn’t know one of the new shocks had broken.  I finished a strong second but could run down the leader.  You can view it on my facebook page. 
                The feature race was disappointing as the car of the pole lost control after the pace truck left the track.  He spun a complete 360.  I felt confident he was going to pull it out.  However, he suddenly darted back up the track. I was slowing down and pulled up the track but he hit me nearly head on my left front finder taking me out of the race. 
I’m sure you know we still looking for an local anchor and co-anchor partner for this season but our biggest goal it to find the partner that will fund next years Camping World Series.  We have been told by Roush that it is going to be around 4 million dollars to anchor one of his trucks. Anna, my manager, is hopefully bringing First Source Roofing to the track.  Hopefully, they will take the co-anchor spot.  She also is bringing a national account to the track that will not help this year, but has an interest in possible next year.  Thanks to everybody that help my facebook number to come up we had over 100 new fans last week hopefully we can double that this week 
Thanks Sloan and the crew
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