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The Franklin Area Chamber of Board of Directors has endorsed the passage of Franklin City Schools' renewal levy. We urge you, too, to vote "yes" on this issue.

Here's an excerpt from a Letter to the Editor about the Chamber endorsement:

Why has the Chamber Board endorsed this levy? First, because a strong school system is vital to a healthy business community. Second, because one of the fundamental ways a community can invest in itself is to support education. Third, because, a community that neglects its future gradually falls behind.

It's important to know what the levy renewal won't do: It won't increase your taxes! This 8.9 mill levy renews an existing levy and will help the district avoid an operating deficit.

What will the renewal do? That's a much longer list: Investment in education pays off in thousands of ways, as it touches the life of each student in our district, enhances the property value of every home, and affects every employer who hires a Franklin graduate.

You can ensure that our schools and community continue their forward momentum. It's easy. Show your "Wildcat Pride" with a "yes" vote on May 4. Keep Franklin City Schools on solid financial footing and maintain our community's health.