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Heyyy! Jerry's Restaurant

Written by:  Jeff Kirby

Where was the "hangout" when you were in school?

For years, Jerry's Restaurant downtown was THE place to be in Franklin, especially for the younger crowd. While the older folks hung out at Kinney's across the street, the kids took turns cruising through Jerry's parking lot, which was packed with fellow classmates and others from around town.

Good music filled the air. Cheeseburgers and large vanilla cokes were consumed in mass quantities. Meanwhile, the guys and girls checked each other out.

Good times. Good fun.

Being a Wildcat did not necessarily mean being part of any of the sports teams. It also didn't necessarily mean caring about the outcome of the games. But it did entail being a proud member of the community, and realizing the high school experience has a joy and freedom that doesn't come with the adult 9-to-5 routine.

When else in life did you know where you could find all your friends in the same place?

When else did you have your best physique, your best hair and your happiest smile?

Ask someone to talk about being 26, 27 and 28 years old, and you'll hear some stories. But ask that same person about being 16, 17 and 18 and a whole different expression comes across their face. They say over and over, "I remember a time when..."

And they laugh.

Wildcats have those stories, too. Some of them talk about BW3's or Applebee's or McDonald's as the place they hung out. But the Wildcats from yesterday have special memories of one of the best drive-ins ever -- Jerry's.

Makes you want a vanilla coke, doesn't it?
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