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    A Good hair day at the Library

     Except for one time in my life, I have always had long hair. My hair has been my security blanket in many ways. I could hide behind it when I was feeling shy, or it was my signature that everyone focused on when I didn’t have to be “on” with the other parts of me.  Nothing made me feel better about myself then for someone to tell me my hair was beautiful. A bad hair day for me was a major event; it could make or break me.

     So, many people were shocked when I told them I was going to get my hair cut short. I had just spent 5 weeks convalescing from bunion surgery, and my hair had gotten on my last nerve. Since it’s very heavy, coarse and curly, it became extremely hard to control, as if it had a mind of its own.  Its annoyance had finally outweighed its beauty, and I decided to whack it off. Once I made up my mind I found a style I liked, printed multiple versions of it off the internet, and went to see my hair dresser. She was supportive about my decision, although hesitant to cut my hair until I reassured her repeatedly I wasn’t going to get up get upset.

      We consulted over the pictures I took with me, and she cut my hair into a design that fit my needs and my face. I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t get upset and cry when I saw my hair lying in bunches on the floor, but I generally felt nothing but relief.

      Before you do anything as drastic as I did, research different hairstyles either on the internet or in hair books. Find the perfect fit for your face and lifestyle.

      One good book I looked at before making up my mind was, Great Hair, by Nick Arrojo, stylist for the show, What not To Wear, on TLC. His book runs the gamut of hair questions and answers.  Nick’s hair philosophy is the same as mine, “The best way to get a great haircut is to match the texture and shape of your hair and not your face.” This will give you a low maintenance hairstyle that will work for you instead of against you.  This is a philosophy I heartily embrace.

Since my hair is so thick and curly it would take me a huge amount of time every day to straighten it. Time that I don’t have. So I have always chosen a hair style that embraces my natural curl.

      Some of Nick’s golden rules for taking care of your hair are:

•     If your hair looks great long, who cares if you are over 40.

•     Bangs cut wrong can make your eyes look too close together.

•     A good haircut should last 6 weeks before needing another cut.

•     When combing out tangles in your hair always comb from end to roots.

     Throughout this book, Nick Arrojo gives timeless advice to having a beautiful head of hair. If you are planning on investing in a new hairdo, before making a big mistake, head on over to your local library and pick up this or numerous other hair care books.
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