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“Body Changes That Make Sense”

By Jan Beedle

I think my body tells me when the weather changes, infection takes root, and before a migraine headache begins. My left leg was aching up a storm, so I knew that an extreme low-pressure system was on the way, even before the meteorologists knew it. The week started out sunny and mild. Spring is on the agenda, but my bones will not let me contemplate too long. Ohio weather is unpredictable, as we have found out with big snows being predicted with the outcome being nothing but a sprinkling, or vice versa. Big ice jam and snow out there, but I’m still thinking spring. Strangely enough, I observe mood swings in people, when weather changes occur. If sunshine were the norm, I am reasonably sure depression would not be so prevalent. The music, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down…,” makes sense.

Rotating in my own little world, sometimes I do not notice things going on around me, as I should, so I count on those close to me to let me know. I am afraid that if I slow down from my fast pace that the gravitational pull, which holds me in check, could release me into a black hole of pandemonium. I always felt the need to have some form of control over myself, and I don’t like to release that control. I would not make a good drunk or drug addict, because that would be giving it up. I do understand and have dealt with depression, alcoholism, and addiction in others. The only thing about it I don’t comprehend is the not wanting to get better attitude. Granted, it is difficult to admit to oneself, let alone anyone else, that I am wrong about anything. I learned from mistakes, and realized that it is better to admit them by going on. Most times, I correct them and learn valuable lessons. Repeating the same boo-boos is not an option. 

In March 1987, a good buddy of mine learned from her family physician that even though Hubby recently retired, the pace was disastrous for him. She needed to convince him to get on solid ground, by somehow relieving stressful situations in the household. After working 12-14 hours a day for years in a stressful position, the permanent rest created the blahs. With no particular time schedule and goals to meet within an allotted period, the heart changed course. Strangely, instead of slowing the beat, the slowdown heightened it. Heart attacks resulted. Would you believe that the doctor’s advice was to find a few more stressful situations? Odd to say the leastIt is certainly the opposite of what I figure would cause a heart attack. Maybe the logic could apply in certain circumstances. After all, a jolt of electricity does keep a battery charging. Think about it.
I do not make a habit of running to the doctor every time I get a cold, sore throat, tummy ache or any other aches or pains, but at the same time, I know when to consult one. I only take medicines when I have to take them. Most of the time I do make the right choice. Seldom do I get a migraine, but I recognize the symptoms by the flashing white lights in my eyes. It is sometimes a migraine without the pain, or so the medical books inform me.

As soon as I feel a bladder infection coming on, I resort to 64 ounces of cranberry juice a day. Some urologists and family physicians agree that it is definitely a deterrent, and some disagree. My urologist is outstanding in his field of expertise. He agrees with me that if it works, I should keep the practice up. I think the constant flooding of the bladder, along with whatever ingredient the juice has in it does the job.
My advice is to listen to your body, weather changes, and your physician. One of them is bound to tell you the right stuff. Happy, hoppy Spring to you;  may you have the spring in your step throughout this season of renewal.    
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