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Senator Shannon Jones Honored by Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Jones recognized for her work in passing booster seat bill

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (Ohio AAP) recently presented the Antoinette Eaton Advocacy Award to State Senator Shannon Jones (R- Springboro) for her work towards improving the health and welfare of the children and adolescents of Ohio. The award was presented at the Chapter’s annual meeting, which was held over the weekend in Mason, Ohio.

“It is an honor to recognize Senator Shannon Jones for her exemplary leadership and dedication in promoting children’s health and safety in Ohio,” said Antoinette Eaton, MD, FAPP, and Past President of the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Jones was recognized by the Ohio AAP for her work in passing House Bill 320, which requires the use of booster seats for children between the ages of 4 and 8 or under 4’9”. While many people believe that restraining older children in a seat belt is sufficient protection, research has shown that using only the car’s safety belt can cause head trauma and other complicated internal injuries in case of an accident. Using a booster seat allows a car’s adult safety belt to properly fit a child, reducing the likelihood of serious injuries in the event of a car crash. House Bill 320 became effective state law in October, making Ohio one of 47 states to require booster seats in an effort to keep kids safe.

“I am deeply honored to be selected to receive this award, and wish to express my thanks to all those at the Ohio AAP,” Jones said. “As a parent and legislator, ensuring the safety and well-being of Ohio’s children continues to be a priority, and I look forward to working with members of the medical community on those laws and policies that will help keep our children healthy and safe.”

In addition to her efforts on House Bill 320, Jones has and continues to be a vocal advocate for vaccines for underinsured children as well as children’s hospitals across the state.
The Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics promotes the health, safety and well-being of children and adolescents so they may reach their full potential. The Ohio AAP will accomplish this by addressing the needs of children, their families, and their communities, and by supporting Chapter members through advocacy, education, research, service, and improving the systems through which they deliver pediatric care.

For more information, please contact Kelly Carey in Senator Jones’ office at (614) 466-9737 or Elizabeth Kelleher of the Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics at (614)-846-6258.
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