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Representative Beck to Hold a Holiday Card Design Contest
Winner’s Design to be Placed on Constituent Greeting Cards

Warren County- Ohio Representative Pete A. Beck (R-Mason) and the Mason Area Arts Council are collaborating to present a holiday card contest, with the winning design to be sent from the office of Representative Beck.

The theme of the card should encompass the beauty of Warren County. Artists are encouraged to use their own creative license to showcase the district through their artwork.

“I thought this would be a nice way for artists to express the beauty of the cities and townships that I serve here in House District 67,” Beck said.

The winning entry will receive $500; second prize will be $250; and third prize will be $100. The winning artist will receive credit on the back of the card. An estimated 500 cards will be printed and mailed to the constituents of House District 67. The winning artwork will also hang in Representative Beck’s office at the Statehouse.

Artists are encouraged to submit photography, paintings, drawings or mixed media that would be suitable for printing. Original artwork should not exceed 11”x17”.

All entries are due on Monday, Nov. 23 and should be mailed or dropped off to 4900 Parkway Drive, Suite 150, Mason, OH 45040. Winners will be announced on Monday, Nov. 30. For more information and contest guidelines call 513-573-0007 or visit

Guidelines for submitting artwork:

State Representative Pete Beck’s Holiday Card Contest

Contest Guidelines

1.    Art should feature anything that may represent District 67, Warren County. That includes: Franklin, Springboro, Mason, Lebanon, Carlisle, Franklin Twp., Deerfield Twp.
2.    Because the winning submissions will be used as a holiday card during the month of December, submissions should be in accordance with the season and not reflective of summer, spring or fall.
3.    Media types can include photography, painting, drawing and collage.
4.    Original art should be no larger then 11”x17” and should be mounted. The final cards will be 5”x7” and printed in full color or black and white, as appropriate.
5.    Artists should avoid glitter, three dimensional features or other techniques that will not reproduce effectively.
6.    Artists are asked to remove or obscure any features or object that might be copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise are not part of the public domain, i.e. company logos, unless permission is granted in writing by the owner of the feature of object.
7.    Submissions must be mailed to or delivered (9am – 4pm) to:
Offices of Deerfield Township
4900 Parkway Drive, Suite 150
Mason, OH 45040 
Attention: Mason Area Arts Council
                    Meredith Raffel
8.    Winning artists must agree not to reproduce their art for personal use.
9.    Winning entry becomes the property of Friends of Pete Beck and will be displayed in the               office of Representative Beck.
10.                     Winning entry will be featured on Mason Area Arts Council website and local newspaper.

1st place Design Winner                             $500.00
2nd place                                                        $250.00
3rd place                                                        $100.00

1.    All submissions must be either mailed or delivered to the Mason Area Arts Council (above address) by Monday, November 23, 2009.
2.    Winners will be notified no later than Monday, November 30, 2009.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact: 513-573-0007 or visit

To reclaim your artwork:
Submitted artwork will be available for pick up Monday, November 30th, between 10am – 12pm at
Cottell Park, Snyder House
5847 Irwin-Simpson Rd. Mason, OH 45040 
If that’s not convenient for you, we can work out other arrangements.

2009 Holiday Card Contest
(Please fill out this form and adhere it to the back of your artwork)

Name  _______________________________________________

Address  ______________________________________________

City, State, Zip  ________________________________________

Email ________________________________________________

Phone number  ________________________________________

Cell phone ____________________________________________

Please tell us a little about yourself (optional)





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