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Last week, we reported that there was an officer down as we received the emergency message across our system. We have received the full details since then. Officer R. Cole of the Franklin Police Department responded to a call of a suicidal man on the Lions Bridge at 8:46pm last Friday.

Officer Cole noticed the man that matched the description and got out of his vehicle and the suspect fled on foot north on Miami Ave. Officer Cole pursued the suspect on foot, reached out to contain the suspect, and suffered a fall that caused damage to his head, and wrist area.

At the time of the Officer Cole went down a citizen watching the scene noticed he was down and pursued after the suspect and tackled him near Miami Ave. After the citizen contained the suspect Officer Cole was able to arrive and contain the suspect.

The suspect was Randall K. Neal, 20 of Franklin. The citizen who helped Officer Cole contain Neal was Gabriel M. Ely, 29, of Springboro.

At the time both Officer Cole and Neal were taken to Atrium for treatment. Both are doing fine and was only treated for minor injuries. Criminal charges are pending against Neal.

The Franklin Police Department is still continuing the investigation.
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