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Wow, what a race!! I hope some of you where able to be there. As I said, I had to learn to pass on the outside, but never thought I would go three wide on the outside! What a rush!!! Not sure what happened, but I took to the outside and the Oakley Asphalt car went to the bottom, the 71 car was caught in the middle. I saw his car wiggle and move up the race track, putting me close to the wall. I was NOT going to give in and I brought the Rebel 105.9 back down and made the pass. I’m sure I would have made the same move if I saw the opportunity, and it gave me a ton of confidence, so thanks!!! Go to YouTube and it should be up on that website under "Sloan Henderson 3 Wide". It was an exciting race all the way through. I settled in and started just hitting my marks, staying smooth and consistent. The 28 car from Germantown did a great job of racing me for the third spot, but I was able to hold on to third by a finder (Steve, finder? not sure what that is. Finger maybe?) at the flag.It's so much fun racing these guys and even though they may not know it, they're teaching me so much!!! I think I could have had a chance to win this if it didn’t go three wide, but I’m grateful to get my second top three finish, especially since it was just an eleventh place car in qualifying. Gary had the new car out with Terry, a great racer. He was trying to shake the new car down so it will be ready for me this week. The good news is he qualified it in third... not a bad start for the new car. Tuesday after classes at B-Safe Driving Education in Carlisle we went to Motor Car Auto body in Spring Valley to help Gary get the new car ready to test. We were there till about 2:00 a.m.

I got to thank the owner at Bond Machine Shop for working with Gary to help me write that history someday into the NASCAR books. Thursday morning started early for me. It was the day we were going to Women in the Winner Circle inside of Indianapolis Motor Speedway.I started off in the morning by going to Salon 122 in Hunter were Sharon came in early to fix my hair up. It l looked great and I was so happy. As life would have it, Dad heard that traffic was backed up on I-75 so we had to take a different route. Not sure how that affected us, but luckily we had time to spare and got to Indy in plenty of time. I entered the banquet room where I was one of the first drivers to show up. After I did my signing in, it was time for networking or socializing. I got to spend more time with people like Mike Helton and Marcus Jadotte. I also met the president of "NASCAR Driver for Diversity" and Joe Balash, the director of Nationwise Series, just to mention a few. My favorite person there was Susan Carmack. She's a Rebel Racer and a limited Sprint Cup partner from Maryland. I just get to see her once a year, but she is such an inspiration to me and has helped me through the good and bad times in my racing over the past couple years. That's why she got honored with an award by Lyn St. James for her support of the NASCAR vision.

That brings us back to Friday. Racing is just not racing on the track and driving a car. There is a ton of stuff that must go on behind the scenes to make it to NASCAR Sprint Cup. One of those things are proving marketability.I shot my first commercial at Channel 7 in Dayton for Drake Heating and Cooling. You can help me by supporting these sponsors amd using them or at least calling them for a quote for services. Your support of my sponsors makes a huge difference in getting funding for the funds to race in Camping World Trucks next year, which is about a million dollars if I drive for Roush. I could get lucky and be signed, but honestly, the best drivers are bringing the sponsorship dollars to the teams, so every time you use my sponsors, you get quality service from them and they, in turn, can continue their sponsorship of my goals.

My dad and I work hard at getting and keeping our sponsors because I don't like the idea of leaving funding up to fate. If you know of someone who wants to help us with stats and office work we need the help, so have them send me an E-Mail at so we can talk about how they can help in that way .Last week Steven Bradley, Trisha Doss of the state of Washington, and Joyce Sumner all signed up as tire sponsors, also a Spring Valley businessman and retired professor signed up for a partnership. He owns a great ice cream shop that is now a partner in the Rebal 105.9 Whelen Late Model Nascar.Let me know through my website if you'd like to get an ice cream at his shop and I'll pass along the information on how to find it. I just want to say thanks to Steven, Trisha and the professor for believing in me enough to become a new sponsor.

I'll do everything I can not to let you down!!!If you want to ask me a question about racing send me an e-mail at and if you want to be part of history in the making with me join the Rebel Racer. See you at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia this weekend. You should come, it's the best entertainment you'll get for the money, and I guarantee you you'll get hooked on racing!!!!!