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You Are Here: Home - Football , Season , Sport - Preseason is over, time to turn attention to the season: First goal: BEAT CARLISLE!

The football season has had a massive offseason working hard and putting in long hours of weightlifting, conditioning, and practice. All this work leads up to this point in time, the season!

The first task and goal, simply, beat Carlisle! The Franklin Wildcats Football program has one objective tonight play hard and win tonight! With all the work the coaches, players, and parents have put in it should be a phenomenal game tonight!

No matter the talent each team has the Franklin/Carlisle game is always full of unexpected results on the field and sometimes unexpected outcomes! Franklin has earned 3 of the 5 experts picks in the Dayton Daily/WHIO football pregame picks.

So being highly favored sometimes doesn't matter in this backyard rival game! But with all the effort and talent that Franklin has it should make for an awesome game!!

Be sure to vote in our online poll on whether your going to make the game or not by going to the Home Page and support your team!!

The Franklin Voice photographer and video guy will be on scene for the days festivities and tonight's game!! Check back tonight or in the morning for the games pictures and article!!

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