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The crowd was great for the Pancake Breakfast provided for the City!

This morning, Saturday, August 22 from 8am-11am the volunteers for the Franklin football program woke up in the early hours of the morning to prepare for a grand breakfast for all the city of Franklin to enjoy!

The breakfast was a wonderful portion of pancakes, sausage, and orange juice or coffee. The Franklin Freshmen team was the first to enter and be introduced to the crowd. The players were introduced and was sent to eat away at the feast and sit and talk with their guests!
Franklin Freshmen Team being introduced by Coach!

Later, the JV and Varsity teams made their entrance and made way to the food and guests that surrounded them.

JV and Varsity team coming in to get their breakfast!

It is great that the football program does this for the community to raise money but to give the city of Franklin an opportunity to meet the boys that are on the team.

The Franklin Voice would like to say THANK YOU to the 2009 Franklin Football Squad and all the players, coaches, volunteers, and coaches were wonderful! We were treated so well at the breakfast. It was great to enjoy a breakfast with you all!, of The Voice of Miami Valley, owner Dominic Gross and
Freshman Football Coach talking about season.

The Franklin Squad is gearing up for the BIG game this Friday @ Carlisle at 7:30pm!

What do you think the final score will be? Comment away by clicking on comments or click here!

Check out more of the pictures from the morning's breakfast.

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Enjoy the pictures of last night's scrimmage taken by The Franklin Voice photographer Jeff Conley of jdcPhotgraphy. Click here for contacting Jeff for your next photography needs!!