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Today, if it hasn't already happened there will be two large cranes taking down a landmark from the 1890's in Fitzgerald Florist Shoppe. The building has served as a local favorite florist for over 30 years. Dennie Fitzgerald, owner, awoke yesterday morning and aided in getting the other residents out including himself.

The building has not only been a florist shoppe for years in Franklin, but served as a movie theater and Preedmore's Men's Clothing store. It has been a historical fixture for years.

The brightly painted building recently renovated will be missed for its historic value to the city and the consumers of Franklin will sadly miss the Florist shoppe.

If you would like to help Dennie Fitzgerald and donate to the business we have been told that their are donation jars all over the city, including Speedway downtown. If you would like to make a donation to Dennie Fitzgerald you can also email The Franklin Voice by clicking here.

Donations can be given or mailed to: Huntington Bank, 340 S. Main Street, Franklin OHIO 45005 (937) 746-9904 and telling them it is for Dennie Fitzgerald. They will make sure the money goes to Dennie. As for other items, Dennie wears a 2X shirt size, and I am waiting to hear the pants size. Socks would be nice as well. He is also going to need furnishings but please wait until further notice for those items.

Please help and donate to Dennie who lost not only his business but his home.

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