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What a busy week again! We did my interview at the Rebel on Tuesday at 2:15. Wednesday we went to my grandparents', George and Helen DePew, longtime residents of Franklin, to work on the trailer we were going to take. Thursday we went to get the car actually a roler. A roler is the frame with the rear end and front suspension on it. Dad drove five and a half hours to get us up there and we got there around lunchtime. We put on the wheel and tires and loaded it up and took it to its new home. I got a suprise... we didn't have to pay anything at that time and we were told they are just going to charge us for just the cost. What a true blessing. That could save us about $5,000. We got back to Franklin around 7:30 p.m. and home about 9:00. Friday I got to sleep in and Dad went out and got a new sponsor, Drake Heating and Cooling!!! YEAHM!!!! I hope you will keep them in mind next time you might need heating and air conditioning help, because they're being really good to my team and I to sign on as a new sponsor.

We unloaded the Rebel 105.9 NASCAR Whelen late model at Kil-Kare. The best we could do is mid 14.80's, but Gary made a few more adjustments. I rolled out in fourth to qualify. I was able to squeeze another three-tenths out of the car, but that was just good enough for seventh place. We used the heat race to try to get the car faster.

We started on the pole in the feature. The car was okay, but not great. I was able to lead for twelve laps, another first for a female in Ohio, but from the beginning my car kept getting tighter. By that I mean it sled up the racetrack when I got into the gas. My best bet to win was to stay low and force the veterans to pass me on the outside. After lap twelve I held my line and raced hard, but could not hold, the car got so tight I had to let off the gas to stay on the bottom of the track, but the other drivers saw this and they got around me and I went back to fifth and held it till the end of the race. It wasn't great, but any top five is good for my racing bio.

Saturday Gary and the guys worked on the Rebel 105.9 to get it ready to race at Columbus Speedway. In spite of the rain we went up to pick up Link and head to Spring Valley to get the car. We called the track about every twenty minutes to see if the race would be rained out. We made it to the track and the rain stopped for about five minutes, but then started pouring and they cancelled the race. We headed back to the shop so Gary could work on the car and Dad and I went home.

It was a long weekend, but we had a first for a female in Ohio and I learned a lot about how to handle the Rebel 105.9

If you've been thinking about joining the Rebel racer at but wanted to watch me race first just send me an e-mail and I'll try to get the tickets for you to watch me race at Kil-Kare. If you don't have an e-mail just call (937) 533-6271 and ask for my Dad, Steve, and he'll get those tickets to you.

See you at the track,


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