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We have decided to post an article on Comment Etiquette and the process that The Franklin Voice takes in handling all readers comments.

So, this is not an opinion article so to speak, but many of our comments come in through this section of the site. What is the process?

1. The Franlin Voice encourages any and all comments left in every article.
2. The comments are then submitted to our email for approval.
3. Each morning the comments are reviewed.
4. 9 out of 10 comments are approved and published to the site each morning.

We chose to set up our site this way to control what is discussed in the comment section. We approve 99% of all comments. In some cases, some of your comments may take a few days to deliberate internally and then posted within the week. Only a few comments have not been published by The Franklin Voice, 1%, due to inappropriate language. Our goal is that The Franklin Voice is a place where each part of the family can come to our site and get quality, appropriate information that concerns every aspect of Franklin, including comments!

We simply have chosen not to accept any comment that has inappropriate language. Even if that language is abbreviated or sta**ed out. We want to encourage EVERY READER of The Franklin Voice to comment and share your opinion about the things going on in our city. It is a great podium for you to share your concerns, beliefs, and opinions about what is going on the city. It also allows readers to leave words of encouragement for soldiers, athletes that are highlighted, school and sports teams that are represented.

Another comment that could potentially be rejected is those comments that is a direct attack against an individual that is inappropriate. These comments can be very hard at times for our staff to deliberate on. For example, we want to hear how you feel about the upcoming election and the elected officials and those that are petitioning to serve our city. On the other hand though, we do not want inappropriate attacks that are just not acceptable against them personally.

For instance, if a reader would like to comment on an upcoming elected official and they choose to leave a comment on how the person may or may not have the qualifications or experience for the position is acceptable. But on the opposite end, we do not want a reader to take advantage of an anonymous post and leave a comment that says the elected official sucks and/or worse. That is the only thing I could come up with as an example.

I think it just illustrates the fact that we encourage ALL READERS to leave comments but please use good judgment and respect for the other readers by using appropriate language and leave personal derogatory attacks to another venue.

We thank ALL of our READERS that leave comments regularly. It truly helps and benefits our cause and goal to continue a hyper local community website that truly is about all of our residents and is a place that we can ALL come for news, resources, and opinions about our city. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your patronage!

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